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US COVID-2019 Confirmed Cases Pass 1 Million, Unemployment Rate Passes 20% and Plans of Reopening

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Today marks the milestone of 1 million confirmed COVID-2019 cases in the United States with over 56,000 confirmed death.  With a majority of the US population stuck at home, the unemployment rate skyrocketed to over 20% in just a few weeks.  
President Trump indicated to reopen many states after 5/1/2020.  CNN summarized the reopening plans for each state.

The big question is-- Has Americans got everything ready for the reopening?
The White House has proposed state or regional gating criteria, Core State Preparedness Responsibilities and Phase Guidelines
For employers, the Guidelines require:

  • Develop and implement appropriate policies, in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations and guidance, and informed by industry best practices, regarding:
    • Social distancing and protective equipment
    • Temperature checks
    • Sanitation
    • Use and disinfection of common and high-traffic areas
    • Business travel
  • Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms. Do not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for workforce contact tracing following employee COVID+ test.

It is estimated that the personal protective equipment (PPE) for business use will be of extremely high demand especially after most of the states reopen.  However, the US domestic supply of the PPE is far from enough.  To make it worse, China, the country with the dominating PPE production power in the world, is making the PPE exportation increasingly more challenging through various red tapes.  As a result, the price and the lead time of the PPE will continue to increase.  Lock your supply of face masks, non-contact thermometers, protective clothing and protective shield today and get well prepared for the up-coming reopening.  

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