Everyone Needs A Mask

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COVID-2019 is such a highly contagious disease that social distancing alone is not going to fully contain its spread.  Based on the successful containment experience from Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan, the requirement of everyone wearing a face mask in the public area is effective.

The United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revised the guideline to slow down the spread of COVID many times.  Recent changes include wearing face masks.  As of today (4/28/2020), the following states have mandated the use of face mask in public areas and for essential workers:

CT, HI, NJ, MD, NY, RI, PA, DE, IL.  More states are likely to follow the same policy.

Without a face mask, grocery stores can deny admission of customers.  The demand of faces mask is definitely going to skyrocket while the growth of the supply of face masks is too slow to catch up.  If you are an owner of either an essential or non-essential business, consider stocking personal protective equipment (PPE) now before too late!  Visit Nestforia.com for essential PPE products.


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